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ethan_teel Jamming on this shit so hard right now! Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday break! Favorite track: Aerodymanic.
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Demo revised!
Original music was released in 2012 with Jack Swift on Drums.
This E.P consists of our oldest tunes re tracked and remixed.
1. Aerodymanic
2. Boom Effect
3. Moshpit Song
4. Steeling's Alright
5. Purple Aura


released November 9, 2014

Mitchell Benson: Bass/Vocals
Mike Herold: Guitar/Vocals
Justin Fitts: Drums

Tracked and Mixed: Kyle Arneson (BDK)
Mastered: Orion Faruque



all rights reserved


Splimit Saint Paul, Minnesota

Splimit is a Three Piece Rock Band based out of St. Paul Minnesota.
We try to incorporate old and new musical idea's/styles, to compliment each members playing. Our sound is ORIGINAL, and our live shows are STUPEFYING!!!
Splimit's music mostly consists of Punk/Rock/Funk/Grunge
-Members Include:
Mitchell Benson (Bass/Vocals)
Mike Herold (Guitar/Vocals)
Justin Fitts (Drums/Vocals)
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Track Name: Aerodymanic
I've watched you grow for years and years
All the things I'd never hope wind up in here
Wipe away all your lucid tears
Isn't it funny how things fade away

You can take me I'll bring it farther
But I can't lead your horse to water
If you keep walking it'l only get harder

Oh apple your so blind
You didn't even know you've been bitten one hundred times
How could a great sense of humor end up so dry

You can take me I'll bring it farther
But I can't lead your horse to water
If you keep walking it'l only get harder

Buckles get undone
Mountain King has won
Run Soldier Run
Buckles get undone

Oh when I start to sleep I plan it, all this funky freshness magic, see me on the street no need panic
Hey look at me mom I'm Aerodynamic
Oh this all happened because I planned it, its so unreal like magic, I learned to love this god dammit,
Hey look at me mom Im aerodynamic yeah!!!!!
Track Name: Boom Effect

In my mind I cannot see
This world is fused with mystery
My legs are running I free
In the mirror is destiny
I cannot run I cannot flee
I just wanna hear you scream

Boom x4

In this candles melting wax
Money jingling empty sacks
This countries living on one big tax
The boom it crawls into your mind
Slowing all space and time
I grow a fear for all mankind
Track Name: Moshpit Song
Kick him in the face
Look like he died
You start to run
To go have some more fun

Mosh Pit Song
Y'all sing along
Mosh Pit Song

He came back for more
To settle our score
Filled with rage
Hiding in the pain
Someone needed to kick him out
He'd kill me without no doubt


Mosh Pit Song
Y'all sing along
Mosh Pit Song
Track Name: Steeling's Alright
Too many places I've got too see
Why don't you come and fly with me
We can make a stop, maybe climb a tree
We can cut of all the roots and make it feel free

Under the pavement
Under the dirt and mold
Follow the cracks right through the pipes
Oh rub the lamp and rub it right

Oh we've all heard of your discontent
They'l call it foe but I'll call it friend
You follow the tunnel because it never ends
I'm not a liar, I'm not a liar

You can cut the gaze right to the source
I know the feeling because I've been here before
I'm not a liar, I swear Ive been here before

This is our home this is our grove
This is the place where the streets never roam
I've loaded all the parts to my broken gun
I'm gonna shoot five rounds straight into the sun

Under the pavement
Under the dirt and mold
Around the corner, right or left of the dykes
Oh I stole the lamp because
Steeling's Alright
Track Name: Purple Aura
Tip of the head and you won't be long
Dizzy in pedals they drop one by one
They smell great if you like the taste
Were having fun

Thinking so hard your brain bubbles up
Swelling and dwelling its cold to the touch
Twisting the sheets until they tear
Your giving up

It takes away the pain
It slowly numbs your mind
Keep chasing purple aura
You'll be hard to find

You'll be hard to find x 4